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We leverage the power of AI to help you create your ebooks in seconds

4 steps

We revolutionize ebook writing by leveraging artificial intelligence to help writers and ghost writers create personalized and engaging books , in a simple 4 steps


Define the subject you want to write about.

Answer AI Questions

From the subject, the AI will generate automatic questions related to your book.

Set your content 

Use the power of our tool, in order to generate titles, chapters, sections... Regenerate anytime using AI or modify manually.

Review & download

Get the result, update if needed and download your pdf.

 Join us early as a beta user and save big!
-For just $19/mo -

19$ in stead of 189$/Month

It's 90% Off !

You can create unlimited books, usually priced at 189$ a month. That's a yearly saving of 2040$ !
Even better, your low price stays the same even after beta.
Don't wait, become an early adopter today!

What's coming next ?

Multilingual book

Expand your book's reach effortlessly by generating seamless translations into multiple languages on our platform

Single click sell

Unlock the potential to sell your book effortlessly at the click of a button on our platform

Audio Book

Transform your book into an audiobook effortlessly with our generative AI audio platform

"Thanks to ebookspeed, I transformed from a struggling writer to a prolific author in no time - it's like having a team of ghostwriters at my fingertips!"

Jan Young, CA

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